Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rafi-Mecartin to direct Hello

It was on this Monday that the pooja of Rafi-Mecartin's new film was done at Lal studio.
The script of 'Hello' is Rafi-Mecartin's and of course the direction too is done by them.
Alex Paul will do the music. Alex Paul was introduced to the field by Rafi-Mecartin in the film Chathikkaatha Chanthu.
Anyway the duo have enough reasons to be happy. Mayavi, the film they scripted last is running successfully & Mecartin seems to have resurrected from his personal troubles.

Monday, March 12, 2007

How Pridhviraj got the state award

Pridhviraj is not an actor without talent. But when compared with Mammooty, Mohanlal etc., he of course is too far behind. It is because of this plain simple fact that, this years state film awards surprised/baffled many. Pridhviraj bagged the award that not even Dileep could manage to win.
Jury chairman Rajeev Kumar very well justified the decision by pointing out that they had considered only one film of Pridhviraj- Vasthavam- and were nominating him dumbstruck by the performance.
But what about Mammooty's excellent characters in the three films, Karutha Pakshikal, Kayyoppu & Palunku?
And now meditate this too- Declaring Sai Kumar the second best actor, Rajeevkumar explained the Jury reached the decision after considering Sai's roles in different films like Chakkara Muthu and Ananda Bhairavi.
Considering more than one movie to measure an actors performance- That is nice. But what about the Jury seeing only film of Pridhviraj?
So what actually happened to Rajeevkumar? Or to the Jury, for that matter?
Sources closely related to the field say it is just another simple case of pressurization. Pressure from high places. Mallika Sukumaran, Pridhviraj's mother just found it convenient to invoke the influence she has upon her best friend Betty, who happens to be the wife of MA Baby who in turn happens to be the Cultural Minister of the State.
Sreenivasan, who many expected to bag the award for the stunning performance in Thakara Chenda, too has talked about some highly placed people exerting pressure upon the Jury.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Siddique & Dileep join hands

Siddique is nowadays busy with a new project. The script for a Malayalam film with Dileep as hero is getting ready. Though the heroine and other actors are not yet decided, unconfirmed reports say Johny Sagariga would be the producer.
A few years back Siddique had wrote script for a Telugu film, Satyam Sivam Sundaram. But something gone wrong between Siddique & the producers and the movie is yet to come out. Actually Siddique had plans to do a Tamil film after the release of Satyam Sivam Sundaram. But the delay in Satyam Sivam Sundaram project upset it all. That is how the veteran script writer decided to go for a Dileep film. Because humor is the forte of both Siddique and Dileep, their first project together is awaited with much expectations.
Let us wait for the most hilarious Malayalam cinema of the decade !