Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sex, Lies, Color Photos & Money

And now it is yet another blackmail story unwrapping in Malayalam Movie industry.
The main character (Villain or Hero ? That is yet to be ascertained) is Mecartin, the Director. (Of Rafi-Mecartin duo).
The early episodes of the story was set in the scenic village of Varappuzha on the banks of Kochi backwater.The first female character was a housewife. Name was Treesa. Her husband was away from home at Thiruvananthapuram doing business. Treesa and her daughter's only company at home was her husband's aged parents. To this tranquility of a village housewife's life another woman, Bindu, one day appeared. Bindu was Treesa's old friend and she one day introduced Mecartin and then his friend one 'Devadas' to Treesa.
This much is only background and now Treesa's husband alleges that Mecartin had taken some nude photos of his wife in another man's company and that Mecartin made her pay him nearly Rs 2.5 lakhs threatening to publish the pictures.
Treesa says it was after making her drink some sedative mixed soft drink that Devadas made her co-operate in those acts the pictures of which Meccartin took. After Treesa came in to the knowledge of the existence of the pictures, Bindu had advised her to pay Rs 50,000 to buy back them with negatives and all. The desperate Treesa made the payment. But that was only a beginning. More pictures surfaced and more money demanded and paid. To cut a long thriller short, Treesa had to pay around Rs. 2.5 lakhs in addition to a few silk sarees, jexellary etc. And at last the cornered Treesa had confessed all this to her husband and he lodged a complaint with the police.
And now for Mecartin's version.
Mecartin swears that it was he who was being blackmailed all these months. A failed local business man had approached him to tell that they would make it public that Mecartin was trying to blackmail a woman using some pictures. To not to open the lid of Pandora's box Mecartin should pay handsomely. But Mecartin now says what he said was an outright 'no'. He don't know Treesa, Bindu or that mysterious Devadas, for that matter.
And that Devadas is now turning in to a real intriguing character.
No one seems to know who this Devadas really is.
In the pictures Bindu handed over to Treesa, the face of Devadas is not there. In no photos he is facing the camera.
And there is another curious story too in the complaint Treesa submitted to the police. She says one day Bindu took her to Devadas's place of residence and while she was waiting outside, Bindu came out with hand dripping in blood and she uttered these words: "I killed him, he won't bother you anymore..for you I finished him".
After that scary incident Treesa never could see Devadas again. And all her phone calls went unanswered.
The story this much had already appeared in Dailies by now. But there are enough indications that it is only that proverbial tip.
Let us wait for the rest.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Million $ (honey trap) Question

When the Sabarimala Thanthri sex scandal was very much hot in the media, there was a related report in a leading Malayalam Daily that many read eagerly. The report said Becchu Rehman, the alleged brain behind the flat-Shantha-Shobha drama, had similarly trapped a leading Malayalam film actor years back in a Gulf country.
The Daily of course did not divulge the million dollar name. But the inquisitive readers found out many hidden hints in the story and many reached the conclusion (though wrongly) that the actor, or star to be more precise, was Mohan Lal. And some argued it should be Suresh Gopi.
The honey-trap was laid by a Kanhirappally lady with full support of her husband. When the drama reached the eventual climax, Bechu appeared on the scene as if by pure chance and became the negotiator in no time. It is still not known how much money changed hands, but Bechu's profit itself was lakhs of Rupees.
And the innocent (not noun- the 'i' is not capital) actor never realized Bechu was the actual villain..Thus went the report.
Okay. But who really was that actor?
Yes, Saikumar was the unfortunate victim.
And Sai need not be much too ashamed, though. Mohanlal too had paid money in similar circumstances more than once. Though that was years back. Now who will dare to entrap the Rakshasa Rajavu?
But the real hero of all blackmail events was actor Siddique.
Once in a similar situation, when he was asked to pay money, Siddique simply advised them to telecast the film (the sky colored one, of course) they had just made.
What money if the victim make it clear that he has nothing to loose.