Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ramazan Films: The First Show Report

Of the movies that released this Ramazan, Only three stand any chance- that is what early reports from theaters indicate.
Ananda Bhadram, Rajamanikyam and Mayookham already got a good start.
Ananda Bhadram has many advantages in its favor.
A technically-well-produced film; good songs; an almost fresh theme; nice performance of Kalabhavan Mani and Manoj K Jayan.But hadicaps too are there.
The movie holds little for those who are not particularly attracted to supernatural stories.Though Pridhvi Raj is there, for Pridhvi's fans it can turn out to be a disappointment- no heroism for the young actor here.
The saving factor for Rajamanikyam is of course the humor.The colorful settings too is an attraction.But if you are not a Mammooty fan, better not to expect much. People out side that mob may not be able to digest many things presented in this movie. And the script is weak in second half.
It is mostly the young people who turn in for Mayookham. The romance and the thread of a revenge do the trick. And a song has already become a hit.
What is wrong with Sarkar Dada is its timing. Should have reached us many years back.
However, it is doomed to become a flop.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Quality or Luck?

A couple of rumors that can turn in to two 'nice' controversies are doing rounds in Malayalam film circles these days.
One involves a veteran actor and the other a late female singer.
When it comes to devotional songs P. Leela was Kerala's favorite choice of all times.
Though Samayamaam Radhathil Njaan of Aranaazhikaneram added additional glitters to her fame, most of Leela's celebrated devotional songs were Hindu.
For Keralites, Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathiri's Narayaneeyam and P. Leela's golden voice were synonymous. The playing of Leela's Narayaneeyam at Guruvayoor temple has created sort of history. For the last 45 years, it is this heavenly tune that waking the temple town up each morning.
And then a spokes man for Guruvayoor Devaswom made a curious revelation some days back.The Devaswom had considered at least three persons to sing Narayaneeyam, he said.
And when a final selection seemed to be difficult, a lot was taken and it was Leela who got the favor of luck.
But V. Dakshinamoorthy, the very music director of Narayaneeyam, rejects this claim altogether. He says when Devaswom people came to his residence on that unforgettable day 45 years back, Leela too was with him.
She was his student and was taking the usual music lessons at his home. When the Devaswom representatives requested him to suggest a singer he didn't had to ponder much. He asked Leela to sing a few lines of the lyrics on-the-spot and assured the Devaswom people that Leela was the best choice.
Which could be the correct version?
Or could it be that the Devaswom authorities had already taken the decision (in favor of Leela) before paying Dakshinamoorthy the visit?

It was only a few days back that actor Madhu told some of his close friends that he was but a second choice for the memorable role in Swayamvaram, Adoor Gopalakrishnan's debut movie. Adoor had made the offer first to Prem Nazeer.
But for some reasons, Nazeer was not in a position to accept it and it was then that Adoor approached him, Madhu explains. But Adoor Gopalakrishnan says he never had approached Prem Nazeer for Swayamvaram project. Adoor wonders from where Madhu got this weird idea.
Had some one from Chitralekha approached Nazeer before Adoor making the move? No one seems to know.

Aravindan and Shaji N Karun

A recent article in Cinema Mangalam provides us with some curious insights about the relationship between Shaji N. Karun and late Aravindan.
In the interview Shaji says Aravindan never contacted him after Piravi, his master piece. Shaji, the former cinematographer and ardent disciple of Aravindan tellsabout the coccus that used to surround Aravindan in his later days.
Aravindan was always among that gang of drunkards, Shaji says. That gang had never ceased to try to break Shaji's relationship with Aravindan.And they did manage it, at the end.
Shaji says there was not a single person with any spark of creativity in that circle.
And Aravindan never realized that they were all actually killing his talent.
And now it is this very same vicious group is behind the present gossip that he too was responsible for Aravindan's sudden demise- Shaji alleges.