Monday, July 17, 2006

Some Girls in Some Dresses

Navya is at it again.
Her never ending obsession with dress (or absence of it) has landed her in yet another controversy. It was with amusement (though not with much surprise) that everyone at the set of Kalabham watched Navya Nair giving costume designer S.B. Satheeshan a piece of her mind.
Navya was sure that the dress designed for her character would be terrible for her image. And she flatly refused to adorn that pieces of cloths, designed by some one got a National award (Film: Daya; Director: Venu) for doing his job well. Satheeshan remained nonchalant. He simply told the state award winner to go to the director if she got any complaint.
He said he designed the dress to match the descriptions of the character (a poor Brahmin girl) as elaborated by Director Anil and Script Writer Biju Vattapara.
It is not clear how the crisis got defused at last. And it is not going to be the last one either. Though she is not that particular about the length or breadth of dresses if the film is Tamil, for Malayalam movies she could be very aggressive when it comes to dresses not covering the body well. That was how she fumed at Bhadran for making her to wear skimpy clothes in Vellithira.

Tail piece: Meera Jasmin too had once confronted SB Satheeshan. It was over her costume in Swapnakoodu. But she in the end had to tender an apology.


Blogger ഈന്തപ്പന said...

how come meera jasmine getting fumed over a costume she was asked to wear in Nammal? as far as i know meera jasmin never acted in nammal! pls check this error in ur tail piece.

27/7/06 3:19 PM  
Blogger Kerala Talkies said...

Thank you, Eenthappana- for reading the posts and for pointing out the mistake.
The error is corrected.

18/9/06 5:58 PM  

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