Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kalabham: A Curious Case of Music After Death

A campaign is being run in Kerala now for the new film Kalabham making use of the reputation of late music director Raveendran. His photo is all over there in the posters of the film.
But the fact is that Raveendran might never have even heard of the film during his life time.
What that great man had actually done was doing music for a movie Minnale. But Minnale never reached the theaters.
Realizing the sudden jump in Raveendran's songs market value both because of his untimely departure and the huge success of Vadakkumnadhan's songs, the Kalabham people were deciding, very cleverly, to hijack the Minnale music.
Anyone who see the film can easily realize this. The story and the songs stand poles apart.
Tamil actor Bala is in the lead role. Navya Nair is his heroine. Director Anil (Anil Babu duo ).


Blogger Agn! Sharman said...

Shree Raveendran master - Raveendrajaalam!

1/1/08 4:20 PM  

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